List of Contributors:





The Society would like to extend thanks to the following for contributing to our glossary of words and expressions used in the shoe industry.


Sue Constable, Shoe Heritage Officer at Northampton Shoe Museum who provided us with ‘A Glossary of Shoe Terms’ by JH Thornton and JM Swann.


Other references were found in ‘Like Dew before the Sun’ by Dorothy A Grime


  • Mrs C Smith of Rushden

  • Mr D Walden of Higham Ferrers

  • Mr A Pack of Irthlingborough

  • Mr E Harbour of Rushden

  • W Piggott of Wellingborough

  • Mr M Walker of Finedon

  • Mrs M Dicks of Rushden

  • Mr E Jenkins of Rushden

  • Mr H Jones of Irthlingborough

  • Mr G Cartwright of Rushden

  • Bill of Northampton (radio caller)

  • Graham  Former lecturer (radio caller)

  • Wallace Hall, Orthopaedic shoe manufacturer from Northampton

  • All Society members




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