In Memoriam


The men of Irthlingborough who made the ultimate sacrifice in World War 1




Name Where born Service No Regiment Date of Death Age Buried Commemorated
ABBOTT Arthur William. Irthlingborough   11th Jan 1919 22 Irthlingborough Old Cemetery
ABBOTT Herbert


Rushden 16857 Northamptonshire Reg  9th May 1915   Le Touret Mem. Calais .France
ABLETT Arthur Edgar.   Irthlingborough 43457 Bedfordshire Reg 27th Jul 1917 36   Ypres. Menin Gate Memorial
AGER John Ernest.  


Irthlingborough 13470 Northamptonshire Reg  1st Jul  1916 21 Dantzig Alley Brit Cem  Mametz
AGER Percy.  


Irthlingborough PS/11284 Royal Fusiliers 13th Nov 1916 19   Thiepval Memorial  France
ALLEN Benjamin David.   Irthlingborough 18130 Northamptonshire Reg 17th Aug 1916 38   Thiepval Memorial  France
ALLEN Ernest.  


Irthlingborough 17348 Northamptonshire Reg   3rd Jul  1916 34 Ovillers Military Cem  France
ALLEN Joseph.  


Irthlingborough 9160 Northamptonshire Reg 14th Mar 1915 25   Le Touret Mem. Calais .France
ANDERSON Charles Edward.   Irthlingborough 14540 Northamptonshire Reg 31st Aug 1918 22   Vis-En-Artois Mem  France
ARMSTRONG Harold Edward.   Irthlingborough Z/4976 Royal Naval Vol Reserve 20th Apr  1917 21 Dunkirk Town Cemetery  
ATKINS William Thomas.   Rothwell 7101 Northamptonshire Reg 21st Dec 1914   Le Touret Mem. Calais .France


Irthlingborough 202339 Yorkshire Reg 23rd Apr 1917 30    Arras Memorial  France
BANKS Ernest Reginald.   Kettering 41075 Kings Own R Lancaster Reg 14th Jun  1918 19 Irthlingborough Old Cemetery
BARWELL George Henry.   Kettering 31043 Northamptonshire Reg 25th May 1917 18 Heilly Station Cem  Somme  
BENNETT George.  


Irthlingborough 39906 21st London Reg 24th Aug 1918 19 Bray Hill Cemetery  France  
BERRILL Arthur James.   Irthlingborough 8597 Northamptonshire Reg 25th Mar 1918 27   Pozieres Memorial  Somme


Irthlingborough G18181 Royal Sussex Reg 21st Jun 1917 20 Dickebusch New Mil Cem  Ext
BETTLES George Albert.   Rushden 28390 Northamptonshire Reg  1st May  1917 19 Bucquoy Rd Cem Ficheux  Fr  
BETTLES John Frederick.   Wellingboro' 1502 Northamptonshire Reg 26th Sep 1915 23 East Mudros Mil Cem  Lemnos
BIGLEY Bernard Sayer.   Irthlingborough 31045 Northamptonshire Reg  7th Jan 1919 20 City of Paris Cem  France  
BOTTERILL John Thomas Irthlingborough         Nov  1920 37 Irthlingborough Old Cemetery
BRIGSTOCK John William.   Wellingboro' 27703 Northamptonshire Reg 20th Mar 1917 31 St.Leger Brit Cem  France  
BRITCHFORD Alfred.   Irthlingborough 7607 Northamptonshire Reg 17th Sep 1914   La Ferte-sous-Jouarre Mem
BRITCHFORD John William.   Irthlingborough 40175 Northamptonshire Reg 25th Oct  1916 28   Thiepval Memorial  France


Irthlingborough 10483 Essex Reg  7th Jul    1916 27 Etaples Military Cem  France
BROMAGE George Joseph.   Irthlingborough 9270 Northamptonshire Reg 19th Dec 1915 24 The Guards Cemetery  France
BROMAGE William.


Irthlingborough 16476 Grenadier Guards  1st Dec  1917  24   Cambrai Memorial  France
BUGBY Alfred.  


Raunds 17062 Northamptonshire Reg 16th Jun 1916 Bailleul Comm Cem France  
BUGBY Andrew


Irthlingborough 72097 Sherwood Foresters 26th Sep 1917 28 Tyne Cot Cemetery  Belgium,
BUGBY Arthur Houghton.   Irthlingborough 28307 Northamptonshire Reg   4th Jun  1918 20 Pernes Brit Cemetery  France  
BUTCHER Percy Frederick.   Irthlingborough 145953 Northamptonshire Yeomanry 11th Apr  1917 21   Arras Memorial France
BUTLER Henry Edwin.   Irthlingborough 18017 Northamptonshire Reg 10th Aug 1917 26   Menin Gate Memorial Belgium
BUTLER Samuel.   Irthlingborough 10280 Queens R West Surrey Reg 15th Sep 1916 18   Thiepval Memorial  France
CHAMBERS Arthur Edmund.   Rothwell 18458 Northamptonshire Reg 16th Nov 1915 22 Old Military Cem Fricourt  FR
CHAPMAN Alfred. 


  9864 Bedfordshire Reg 30th Jul  1916   Thiepval Memorial  France
COOK Alfred W


Irthlingborough 30139 Devonshire Reg 11th Mar 1918 26 Niederzwehren Cem Germany
COTTINGHAM Harry.     90164 Sherwood Foresters 21st Mar 1918   Arras Memorial France
COX James Rice


Irthlingborough 27169 Northamptonshire Reg  4th Mar  1917 37   Thiepval Memorial  France
COX Thomas George.


Irthlingborough 119587 Royal Garrison Artillery 18th Sep 1918 25 Brit Military Cem Somme  
CREEK John William


Worcester 45132 Suffolk Reg 27th Mar 1918   Pozieres Memorial  Somme


Irthlingborough 14522 Northamptonshire Reg  5th Apr  1918 25   Pozieres Memorial  Somme
DICKERSON Alfred William.   Irthlingborough 203016 Essex Reg 10th Oct 1917 22   Tyne Cot Memorial  Belgium
DICKS Archibald H.


Ringstead  32961 Essex Reg  7th May 1917 27 Cologne S Cem  Germany  
DRAGE Thomas Samuel.   Irthlingborough 74164 Royal Garrison Artillery  7th Dec 1917 25 Hermies Hill Brit Cem France
EDIS Alfred.  


Irthlingborough 22816 Northamptonshire Reg 17th Jul 1916 32 Meaulte Military Cem France
ELLIOTT Walter Pirkins.   Addington 28325 Northamptonshire Reg  6th Dec 1918 27 Irthlingborough Old Cemetery
ELWOOD Newman. 


Cherry Hinton 26619 Machine Gun Corps  3rd Dec1917 24   Cambrai Memorial  France
FAIREY William Henry.   Irthlingborough 203008 Suffolk Reg 20th Nov1917 21   Tyne Cot Memorial  Belgium
FAVELL Ernest.     49336 Royal Army Medical Corps 29th Apr 1917 23   Feuchy Brit Cemetery France
FLAWN Arthur.  


  18160 Northamptonshire Reg  9th May 1915 19   Le Touret Mem. Calais .France
FLAWN Herbert.  


Godalming 19288 Northamptonshire Reg 28th Dec1915  24   Loos Memorial
FLEET Frederick James.   Redhill  Surrey 718300 London Reg 22nd Aug1918   Vis-En-Artois Mem  France
FOSTER Thomas.  


Irthlingborough 18644 Northamptonshire Reg  6th Mar  1916 19   Loos Memorial  France
FREEMAN Bertie Arthur.   Irthlingborough 3/10235 Northamptonshire Reg  9th May 1915 19   Le Touret Mem. Calais .France
GIBSON Ernest Alfred.   Kettering 305494 Duke Wellington's W Riding 26th Jul 1917 25 Coxyed Military Cem Belgium
GOOSEY Jack Sidney.   Wellingboro' 69002 Queen's R West Surrey Reg 21st Sep1918 18 Villers Hill British Cem  France
GRIGGS James Arthur.   Wellingboro' 326844 Royal Garrison Artillery 29th Nov 1917 21 Ypres Town Cem Belgium  
HADDON George Walter.   Kettering 14571 Northamptonshire Reg 23rd Jul  1916 22   Thiepval Memorial  France
HARPER Arthur Ernest.     202770 East Surrey Reg  5th Aug  1917 23   Duisans Brit ish Cem  France


Irthlingborough 17600 Northamptonshire Reg   1st Nov 1917 38 Irthlingborough Old Cemetery
HARTWELL William James.     18325 Northamptonshire Reg  2nd Jul  1916 23 Le Neuville Brit Cem  Somme
HAWKINS Charles William Eaton Socon 196442 Royal Garrison Artillery  8th Apr  1918 29 Sailly Labourse Cem  France  
HORN George Frederick.   Irthlingborough 16632 Northamptonshire Reg  4th Mar  1917 28   Thiepval Memorial  France
HORN Reginald Thomas.   Irthlingborough 203045 Northamptonshire Reg 25th Sep1918 22 Brie British Cem  
HORNE Christopher Charles William.   Wilby 25963 Machine Gun Corps 11th Apr 1918 26   Loos Memorial  France
HORNER Leonard Frederick.     41918 Royal Irish Rifles 16th Aug1917 28   Tyne Cot Memorial  Belgium


  20252 Northamptonshire Reg 24th Sep 1916 20 Vermelles British Cem  France
HOUGHTON Frederick.   Irthlingborough 135735 Canadian Infantry 16th Sep 1916 23 Puchevillers Brit Cem  France


Grendon 31210 Northamptonshire Reg 12th Feb 1918 19   Hargicourt Brit Cem  France


Irthlingborough 18460 Northamptonshire Reg 2nd Jun 1916 28 Bailleul Comm Cem France  
HUDSON Bertie Frederick.   Irthlingborough 43558 Royal Berkshire Reg 5th Apr 1918 19 Bouzincourt Ridge Cem France
INGRAM Frank.  


Irthlingborough 28005 Northamptonshire Reg 19th Apr 1918 22   Lapugnoy Mil Cem  France
JACKSON Samuel.  


Woodford 33252 Leicestershire Reg 23rd Mar1918  41   Pozieres Memorial  Somme
JARMAN  Maurice Harold Irthlingborough 40123 Northamptonshire Reg 24th Sep1918 21 Roisel Comm Cem  France  
JOYCE James. 


Irthlingborough 20500 Northamptonshire Reg 13th Aug 1916 26   St. Sever Cemetery  France
KEECH George.  


Irthlingborough 33254 Leicestershire Reg  4th Nov  1917 34 Tyne Cot Cemetery  Belgium,
KEECH Joseph Charles.   Irthlingborough 51095 Suffolk Reg 21st Jun1918 39 Denain Comm Cem  Germany
KELLER Herbert.  


Irthlingborough 200862 Northamptonshire Reg 19th Apr 1917 19 Gaza War Cem  Palestine  
KENDALL Herbert George.  Maston Dorset 9875 Dorsetshire Reg 15th Aug1915 21   Alexandria Military War Mem
KING Ernest.  


Irthlingborough 15901 Northamptonshire Reg 31st Aug1916 21 Abbeville Comm Cem Ext  
KING George Thomas.   Irthlingborough 42033 Leicestershire Reg 23rd May 1918 18   Soissons Mem Aisne  France
LEE Thomas.  


Irthlingborough 7653 York & Lancaster Reg 20th Ap r1916 30   Menin Gate Memorial Belgium
LIDDINGTON John Francis.   Gt Addington 23204 Leicestershire Reg  8th Oct  1918 Prospect Hill Cem  France  
LILLEY William Edward.   Irthlingborough 40536 Royal Dublin Fusiliers  6th Jun 1918 27 Brit Military Cem  Ebbinghem
LUMBERS Thomas.  


Lt Staughton 14624 Northamptonshire Reg 14th Jul1916 24   Thiepval Memorial  France
MARGETT  Walter John Thomas.   Northampton 18161 Northamptonshire Reg 23rd Jun1916   Kemmel Chateau Military  Cem
MAY George W.  


Towcester 18457 Northamptonshire Reg 26th Jul 1915 23 Irthlingborough Old Cemetery
MAYES John William.


Irthlingborough 203050 Northamptonshire Reg 22nd Mar1918 21 Caix British Cemetery  
MEEKINS Oliver John.     17926 Northamptonshire Reg 23rd July 1916 20   Thiepval Memorial  France
MEEKINS Walter.  


Irthlingborough 16338 Northamptonshire Reg  9th May  1915 19 Pont-du-Hem Mil Cem  France
MILLARD Oscar.  


Irthlingborough Northamptonshire Reg  9th May  1915 Le Touret Mem Cem  France  
MUMFORD Walter. 


  18232 Northamptonshire Reg 31st Mar 1918 Boves West Comm Cem  
MUNN Thomas.  


Irthlingborough 70064 Sherwood Foresters  8th Oct  1916   Connaught Cem Mem  Thiepval
NEVILLE Albert.  


Irthlingborough 31307 Northamptonshire Reg 20th Apr1918 21   Loos Memorial  France
NEVILLE Ernest.  


Kettering 18365 Northamptonshire Reg  4th Mar 1917 24 Fins New Brit Cem  France  
NEVILLE Percy.  


Irthlingborough 13145 Northamptonshire Reg  4th Jul  1917 22 Monchy le Preux Cem  France


Irthlingborough 178682 Royal Garrison Artillery  3rd Jul 1918 27 Terlincthun Brit Cem  France
NEWMAN Charles Henry.   Irthlingborough 203347 Northamptonshire Reg 25th Apr 1917 36 Kantara War Mem Cem  Egypt
NEWMAN George.  


Irthlingborough 41908 Norfolk Reg  2nd Oct 1918 19 St. Server Cem  France  
NEWMAN Walter. 


Irthlingborough 675517 Canadian Infantry  3rd May 1917 24 Aubigny Comm Cem  France  
PACK Fred.  


Irthlingborough 32188 Northamptonshire Reg 25th Nov1917 28 Dozinghem Cemetery Ypres  
PACK  George Thomas


Irthlingborough   1919   Irthlingborough Old Cemetery
PANTHER Sidney Edward.   Finedon 37038 Northumberland Fusiliers  8th Aug 1917 Adinkerke Mil Cem  Belgium
PARTRIDGE William Robert.   Hyde Cheshire 23442 Northamptonshire Reg 31st Jul 1917 24   Menin Gate Memorial Belgium
PAYNE Lewis John.     G/35296 Queen's R West Surrey Reg 26th Aug1917 23 Etaples Military Cem  France
PAYNE William Benjamin Thomas.   Northampton 200109 Northamptonshire Reg 19th Apr 1917 24   The Jerusalem Memorial
PERKINS Ernest.  


  201443 Northamptonshire Reg 19th Apr 1917 24 Gaza War Cem  Palestine  
PERKINS Sidney.  


Gt Addington 13129 Northamptonshire Reg 14th Jul 1916     Thiepval Memorial  France
PINNOCK Horace.  


Irthlingborough 26540 Bedfordshire Reg 18th May1918 25 Franvillers Cem Ex  France  
REYNOLDS Albert Edward George.   Kidderminster 17171 Northamptonshire Reg  9th Jul  1915 37 Rue Petillon Mil Cem  France
RICE Benjamin E.  


Chatham Kent 64091 Suffolk Reg 22nd Nov1918 27 Irthlingborough Old Cemetery
ROBERTS Charles.  


Irthlingborough 8782 South Wales Borderers 31st Oct 1914 33   Menin Gate Memorial Belgium
SAXBY  Ernest Ralph


Irthlingborough 23748 Norfolk Reg 12th Oct1916 21 Grevillers Brit Cem  France  
SEAMARK Walter  


Irthlingborough 201588 Essex Reg 15th Sep1918 30 Trefcon Brit Cem France  
SHERWOOD Charles William.   Irthlingborough 16714 Northamptonshire Reg 12th Oct 1915 22   Loos Memorial  France
SHERWOOD William.   Irthlingborough 744 Northamptonshire Reg 14th Oct 1915 42 7th F Ambulance Cem  Turkey
SIMMONDS Arthur William.   Irthlingborough 27014 Northamptonshire Reg 24th Jul 1916 38 Irthlingborough Old Cemetery
SLAWSON Harry.  


Irthlingborough 7935 London Reg (Rangers)  9th Sep 1916 27   Thiepval Memorial  France
SMITH Frank.  


  3022 Machine Gun Corps 29th Apr 1916 23   Loos Memorial  France
SPENCER Frederick George.   Irthlingborough 9849 Cameronian Scottish Rifles 23rd Mar1918  31 Chaunty Comm Cem France  
SPRIGGS Arthur.  


Lavendon 1810 Northamptonshire Reg 16th Aug 1916 39 Puchevillers Brit Cem  France
SPRING Albert.  


Northampton 8543 Northamptonshire Reg 13th May 1915 27 Longuenesse Cem  France  
STILES Frederick.  


London 18123 Northamptonshire Reg 15th Apr  1916 20 Bethune Town Cem  France  
SYKES Fred.  


Ringstead    Northamptonshire Reg 11th Nov 1914   Menin Gate Memorial Belgium
THOMPSON Arthur.   Irthlingborough 49339 Royal Army Medical Corps 16th May 1918 24 Irthlingborough Old Cemetery


Irthlingborough 145180 Royal Engineers 25th Feb 1919 24 Cologne S Cem  Germany  
TINSLEY Joseph.  


London 3158 Royal Fusiliers  3rd Jun  1915   Menin Gate Memorial Belgium
TINSLEY Samuel.  


London 231737 London Regiment 16th Aug 1917   Hooge Crater Cem  Belgium
TURNER Frederick


  12709 Northamptonshire Reg  9th May  1915 26   Le Touret Mem. Calais .France
TYLER Ralph.  


Irthlingborough 18146 Northamptonshire Reg 20th Aug 1916 22   Thiepval Memorial  France
VORLEY William.  


Northampton 33285 Leicestershire Reg 22nd Mar1918 27   Pozieres Memorial  Somme
WADE Thomas Arthur


Irthlingborough 40251 Northamptonshire Reg 30th Nov 1917 21   Cambrai Memorial  France
WALKER Ernest William.   Chesham 10115 Northamptonshire Reg 19th Oct  1916 28   Thiepval Memorial  France
WALLIS Hubert.  


Irthlingborough 18163 Northamptonshire Reg 20th Aug 1916 19   Bazentin le Petit Comm Cem
WARD Walter.  


Irthlingborough 7683 Northamptonshire Reg 17th Feb 1917 30   Thiepval Memorial  France
WARREN Harry.  


Irthlingborough 8564 Northamptonshire Reg 26th Nov 1915 34   Ploegsteert Mem  Belgium
WARREN John Wilson.   Kettering 10127 Northamptonshire Reg 19th Sep 1918 34   Vis-En-Artois Mem  France
WARREN Reginald Clifford Boyd.


7988 Royal Air Force 10th Jul  1918 23 Hagledump Cem  Belgium  
WESTBROOK John Alfred.   Kent 83215 Royal Garrison Artillery 12th Apr 1918 35 Pernes Brit Cemetery  France  


Rushden 200662 Northamptonshire Reg 19th Apr 1917 26   Jerusalem Memorial   Israel
WHITE Francis Henry.   Wellingboro' 40019 Essex Reg  2nd Dec1917 21 Ribecourt Brit Cemetery France
WHITE Frank.  


Irthlingborough 3864 Northamptonshire Reg 21st Sep1915 18 7th F Ambulance Cem  Turkey
WHITE Raymond Francis Edgar. 


28417 Northamptonshire Reg 21st Jul  1917 26   Dickebusch New Cem Belgium
WHITE Walter William.     R1009 Royall Navy Vol Reserve 14th May1918 19 Martinsart Brit Cemetery  


Raunds   Northamptonshire Reg  9th Nov 1914 23   Menin Gate Memorial Belgium
WILLS George.  


Irthlingborough 16865 Northamptonshire Reg  9th May 1915   Le Touret Mem. Calais .France


Raunds 2815 The Rifle Brigade  1st Jan 1915 29   Ploegsteert Mem  Belgium



Also Remembered:




Irthlingborough 22549 Northamptonshire Reg  2nd Nov 1917    


Irthlingborough 3/10288 Northamptonshire Reg 25th Sep 1915    


Irthlingborough 25958 Norfolk Reg 18th Oct  1916    
MUNN Harold


Irthlingborough 74674 Royal Artillery 10th Nov 1916    
VIALS Charles


Irthlingborough 7859 Bedfordshire Reg 13th Nov 1914    
WESSIN  A Although this man's name is recorded on both the Town War Memorial in Finedon Road and the Memorial in St. Peter's Church the death of
no such soldier can be found among the comprehensive records of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission.  Neither is there a record
of any name with a similar spelling.        
YORK  J .E. In spite of extensive research,  we have been unable to positively identify this man.  We believe that he may possibly have been John Edward
York who was born in Raunds in 1891.  He was the son of Isabella and the step-son of James Meekins of Jubilee Street. Irthlingborough.
Rose Evelyn Meekins, his step-sister, would have been four years his junior.  
As we cannot accurately identify him, it would be irresponsible of us to suggest his possible Service Number, Regiment or date of death.