Irthlingborough Historical Society Publications:

* ‘Irthlingborough’s War 1939 -1945’ (2010)                                            £12.00 (plus £3.50 p&p)

* The Leaning Tower (1993)                                                                                       £1.50

* St. Peter's Church, Irthlingborough - a guide (1997)                                             £1.00

* The Irthlingborough Childrens Cottage Home                                                      £3.00

* Living off the Land                                                                                                    £3.00

* Irthlingborough - Life in the Yards (1993)                                                              £2.00

* Irthlingborough Co-op 'Time Runs Out' (1995)                                                     £3.00 

* Thanks for the Memories (1999)                                                                            £10.00


Add £1.00 postage to all orders in the UK (unless p&p stated separately). For Overseas Postage rates, please ask !

Also available are two sets of four postcards entitled 'Clicking to Closing' and 'Living off the Land'.

They are destined to be collectors items but are available now for only £1 per set and 30p postage !


The 9th June 2013 was the 100th anniversary of the start of filming of 'The Battle of Waterloo' in Irthlingborough.

To celebrate that event, we have published an exact replica of the top quality brochure of photographic stills that was given to the VIPs attending the premiere at the London Palladium.

This collector’s item was produced using the methods of 1913 and boxed as a limited edition of 100, priced at £30 each plus p&p

To purchase use the application form available at the library, Toni’s Newsagents, 'Born and Bread' or the Salvation Army Shop.


Previous Publications:

* Days to remember - Images of Irthlingborough (2006)    SOLD OUT

* 'Clicking to Closing' - the story of Express Shoe Factory    SOLD OUT

* A history of the Church Lads' Brigade in Irthlingborough (1990)    SOLD OUT

* When Irthlingborough celebrated Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee (2005)    SOLD OUT

* When beer was a penny a pint (1991)    SOLD OUT

* Irthlingborough on foot (1992)    SOLD OUT

* Irthlingborough Working Men's Club - a history (1994)    SOLD OUT

* Ditchford Days    SOLD OUT

* Irthlingborough - The street where you live (50 pages on street names)    SOLD OUT

 These publications are out of print, the others may be ordered by clicking the book title and Emailing your details to us.